Our partners are as qualitatively top of the line as it gets! To illustrate, following come to the fore:

KSB happens to be a global leader when it comes to supply of pumps, valves and related systems. These productions are used in a large variety of applications – including Building services, Industry and Water transport and right down to waste water treatment and power plant processes.

WPIL Limited has been consistently devoted to the cause of total customer satisfaction since its inception. The Company stands above the pedestal of a rich experience of about 60 years in Designing, Developing, Manufacturing, Erecting, Commissioning and Servicing of Pumps & Pumping Systems.

MZT Pumpi stands as one of the biggest Developer and Manufacturer of Industrial Pumps. Throughout its extensive experience of more than 60 years, it comprises a broad product range of Centrifugal and Rotary pumps with applications in the Oil & Gas, Process, Irrigation and Water, Chemical and Mining industries.